in Hindsight after 30+ year of OUR (pseudo) > NET access !
( starting with CB radio and BulletinBoards/modems and crazy slow “speeds” for years and years ! )

until Telstra > Optus started waking up to themselves > bleatedly !

NOW Even GOOGLE is STILL really “f..k.d in the head
( being run by nerds ! . . . after all what do you expect ? )

More so they run to the tune & “whims” of THE “vested interests”
and where the $$$s REALLY are !

THEIR Ranking ? > doean’t matter what we do we actually get “zero ranking” on their RANK System

all based on an evercghanging algorithm but inevitably hidden rank “by ADS or payment” . . . who knows !  ?

Complict by the WC3 Web HTM consortium directed by the like of WIN APPLE Adobe IMG Samsung etc . . . who knows ? who change “web design” rules and tend to trash good tools and “Fast Tracks” evolution  > direction“ of s’ware despite ALL claims tho the contrary

PDFs have never really progressed out of NOT being “page served and inevitablu ulra slow for PDF page bundles even now 2023 for >20pages

Catalog publishing > 50p ( and we have PDF “bundles” up to 1000page in FlipHTML5 that ARE Fast > Page-served ( after an initial kickstart overhead of a few secs > BRILLIANT
AND a far better presentation than PDF will ever be !

those “Faint-hearted” enough . . .  >

  • prematurely forced into “retirement” )
    NetObjects Fusion V15 ( 2015) which we still use as the best NAV design still availably
    ( NOT supported NOW the web original “brains” probably die-off by Now Or (bored) bought out literally ! )

> ALL in favor of “problematic more HTML5 adicts of WordPress and chaotic 3rd part plug-ins of quite variable bug and buil-in obsolescence
Javacript > possibly being compromises

the bullshit” of Cloud Servers and WIN auto-enforced updates
and on-the-fly ambiguous auto-changes to “ > latency jerkiness of the Web & WiFI generally > a problem  STILL !)

  • Examples of > obsoleted” excellent s’ware (
    NOF v15
  • WordPlus V8 2016!)
  • Adobe “Flash” ( 2021) the basis of numerous WIN 3rd party” “plug-ins” for WIN but  note > NEVER recognised by APPLE . . . for example !
  • The built-in obsolence ( marketing ) of WIN

     ( & way beyond XP, 7 > 10 > 11 ) > few beneifts and a mindless complexity of un-needed > unwanted menu option > mess ) for 99.9% od web users to add up their grocery Shopping List or for “crazy” E-bay/Amazon etc buying ! > a HUGE overkill

ALL on the pretext of “security”
JUSTIFICATION for a perfected “Grey” WEB System” for “business EVEN AT A NOMINAL FAIR COST !

the freebie “nerds” > go to Hell !

Noticably the high Tech Govt monitoring and flux of “scanners” ever since has appeared to have dratically increased since the ~2016 !
“open up”
and even more scammer loopholes ?

WordPress > ??? and clones a bit of misdirection into the gaggle of s-called mobile APPS often dramatically limited by screen size and practicale usability Magoo

 but well B4 days of Twitter ! and it’s “ressurection !“  under Musk
degenerate now to Twitter & “Twats” and “words on one syllable
 and the comms  dialog of the “ woke” generation and the de-generated “Education” System as a whole > { THE “tick box” agenda ) !

and in the interest of seeg NOT reading e-mails past the Heading or first Twxt parapgraph at best ! ?

> the “bottom line AT THE TOP

CONGRATS IF U’ve  read this > So Far !
perhaps even my “Blogs”  generally !

All in “the consequences & their favor”  of the evolution to WIN etc “gaps” in code > loopholes thar come “ready made” for scammer “opportunities and SEO scams ! > a “consensus” opinion ?
> . . . AND ALL a contrived “farce” ? arguably perhaps !

WOW GOOGLE may have in fact done us a favor !
& inadvertently ! . . . perhaps ?

despite having “cancelled” us or simply deliberately confused the “S..t” out of ALL of US ! with their “crazy” ever-changing  Ranking “algorithm(s)

“their” [ SEARCH ]“ is NOW left “open” ! it seems ?
 ( at least temporarily perhaps ? ) >

results are and can be “filtered” specifically by U 
 and ~90% in favor ! of Us ! ) .  .  . If that’s what u really want?
via > . . .

a [ GoogleSearch ] > [ “keyword” + Chromtech ]

  • see via our Pic SNAPShot   arrow2
    This tends to  by-passe most of the other “crap” results GG comes up with  ! eliminating those millions of “hits” otherwise caused !

NOT perfect ! as there’s some interference from a few similar “Sites” to Ours and a few other random “scammers” who attempt to “pirate” OUR  various WEBSite

Fortunately many of these are still relevant to Us !
even IF a mix of HTM, PDF, FlipHTML5 and even some old(fer) Flippages and more obvious “others”
IF SO ? >
Please notify Us ! as references > WE can track down independandly from ALTERNATIVES if need be and offer to YOU!

  • a similar search for some FlipHTML5 Product SECTIONS   arrow

Perhap GG might “smarten up” eventually and introduce an effective “StepSEARCH” it was invented 25 years ago ( in Australia ) but since sold-off > privatised since !
despite GGs Boolean ”pretense” attempt !

maybe even “self -cancel”heir OWN “Snoop mechanism” via “hidden” ( Laptop ) cameras etc particular any pretense that
( at users option ) but obviously with “their over-ride capability”  when/if they deem necessary ! ?

It IS Notable that after >30 years on the Net Our WEBsite(s) have NEVER gotten Any Google Ranking what-so-ever !
& literally . . . THAT’s unbeleivable ?

 No matter what we do re OUR web-design )
the “Ads” obviously pay for “their” Ranking > NO Doubt !
 despite their denials and “obfuscation” re “algorithms etc

At Least they Now seem to Index OUR Pages and at last we get them onto the web but cacheing and (Our)Site filtered “mirroring” possibilities are a worry ( server and/or corrupt ISP and SEO interference level ! ???
please explain ( Julia Hanson . . . but just an Aussie MP)
WE get VERY little new customer interacton ??? > extraordinary !

FAST Track ! into OUR Chromtech > APPS Sections

via flipHTML5 ( > PicLinks )

by-pass the “drudgery” of HTM * !”
* > OK ?  > for the “intro” detail !

CT Chromatogrphy  >   PIC Gallery > via the “courtesy” of ”Our” GOOGLE SEARCH  PICs &>
 >PDF LINKs & then > FlipHTML5 ! ( or > Library )
> even More !
> Good IDEAS !

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