• Analyzing the permanent gases oxygen, nitrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide has been virtually impossible for a single gas chromatography (GC) or gas solid chromatography (GSC) column, without sub-ambient temperatures.
  • Porous layer open tubular (PLOT) or molecular sieve-packed columns are capable of separating the small molecules, such as oxygen and nitrogen, but adsorb larger-molecule gases, such as carbon dioxide. Porous polymer-packed columns, such as Hayesep® Q, D, or A or Porapak® Q, can be used to analyze methane, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide, but column lengths in excess of six meters (20ft.) and sub-ambient conditions are required to separate oxygen and nitrogen.

    Now, Restek's new ShinCarbon ST material, a high surface area carbon molecular sieve (~1500 m2/g), is the ideal medium for separating gases and highly volatile compounds by GSC.

    In addition to providing a breakthrough in analyses of permanent gases, ShinCarbon ST columns can be used to separate light hydrocarbon / permanent gas mixtures.
    Other potential applications for ShinCarbon ST include analyses of low molecular weight sulfur compounds or Freon® fluorocarbons.

    ShinCarbon ST is a highly stable material. Its 330C upper temperature limit minimizes bleed and baseline rise during temperature programming, making the material compatible with most detection systems used for gas analysis, including TCD or HID.
    All ShinCarbon ST columns are fully conditioned in an oxygen/moisture free environment to prevent contamination. This minimizes stabilization time (less than 30 minutes) when installing a new column which, in turn, minimizes downtime.

    The unique properties of ShinCarbon ST make it an ideal packing material for analyses of gases and highly volatile compounds, including permanent gases, low molecular weight hydrocarbons and sulfur compounds, and Freon® gases.
    The rapid, above-ambient analyses these columns provide will be a great convenience. Excellent thermal stability of the high surface area carbon, combined with careful conditioning during column manufacture, ensures low-bleed operation and rapid stabilization when installing a new column.
    Custom-made ShinCarbon ST columns are available on request.

ShinCarbon ST MicroPacked Columns

Unique Permanent Gas, CO/CO2 water, C1-C6 HCs
in one GC run  without subambient temperatues
Also Freons and SO2
- simplify BTU Natural Gas Analysis

  • Separate permanent gases, including CO/CO2, in 10 minutes, without cryogenic cooling.
  • Rapid separations of permanent gas / light hydrocarbon mixtures.
  • Excellent compatibility with most GC detectors--minimal bleed, minimal baseline rise.
  • Pre-conditioned, less than 30 minutes to stabilize. 

Micro-Packed GC Column

ShinCarbon ST 100/120
ShinCarbon ST 100/120
ShinCarbon ST 100/120

1/16" OD 1.0mm ID
1/16" OD 1.0mm ID
 1/16" OD 0.75mm ID

2-Meter 1/16"
1-Meter 1/16"
1-Meter 0.95mm OD

up to 330C
up to 330C
up to 330C


59519 -Shincarbon ST Micropacked GC Columns Above Ambient Analyses of Permanent Gases & Light HCs 2p DJVu
Simplify Analyses of Permanent Gases and Light HCs - ShinCarbon ST Micropacked Columns p6


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