CO2 is NOT really a Significant issue in a Global OR Historical context !

Short of Massive geologic effects > asteroid impact, Tectonic Plate Shifts
and apparently several reversals of Earths Magnetic Poles over millennia
. . . > but current “betting odds” against in next 10,000 years > NIL

CO2 warming of the Earth > NOT Proven in fact contradictory to science
Global Warming preceded “Counter-intuitive” perhaps > Temperature Rise
 by 600-700 years
> go figure that Out!

Geologically CO2 levels have fluctuated widely but over millions of years current levels are in fact still “minimal” at 400ppm
 “CO2 is the Molecule of Life” and proven current levels actually
have resulted in continuing “Greening of the Planet” .
It’s > estimated 150ppM is the absolute Minimum in fact to sustain life
- and 1000ppM quite
tolerable>sustainable by humans and often similar to indoor levels ~2000ppM in “real Greenhouses”> . We actually breath out  > ~50,000ppM
Interesting false model

  • > an open Environment in no way representative of a controlled live “greenhouse”
  • > Anthroogenic CO2 has not been demonstrated to be the main cause of ANY Global Warming
  • > “expedience > ALL models have ignored the main Greenhouse Gas Water Vapor . . . far too difficut !
    for Your PC ! > mainframe(s) even, & awaiting Quantum computing !
  • > Temperature increase invariably precedes CO2 increase by up to 5-800years > historically, geologically

Moderate increases of CO2 Only are predicted AND ARE CONTROLLABLE with new technology
 and a need for employment  ecocomists, politicians, the media and the fringe “money grubbers”
but more-so scientists and “plateauing-out” of High Technology accelerated infinitely over the
last century even in recent decadeswith the spread of the WOKE philosophy and slow wisening-up of the populace via The Internet
Man-made CO2 still a relatively small fraction of natural GreenHouse Gas sources ( including arguably more damaging Methane ) now being targeted
at “farting”/ breathing cows

a crazy cyclic “non-event” > a mere sink and delay in any CO2 Cycle Agriculture and even the food human cycle > Eating Veges’ & NOT meat !
 is also largely a fallacy > ill-thought-Out ! by “pseudo” scientists seeking
back-up explanations of their failed computer modeling

> out of human control NOT CO2 call it “budding” & extreme Artificial in-bred Intelligence

Within reason CO2 for current ( very average levels ) even to 600/800 up to 1000ppM ?
CO2 is actually beneficial for  “Greening the Planet“ > It IS happening via satellite observation etc )
AND food production is / has been dramatically increasing WW for many decades but also belatedly by GM ( “Genetically-Modified” crops )

ALL due to developments in Science & HighTechnology

- spurred on by the paranoia / desperatism of the so-called  “consensus” > contrived  . . . agenda as it obviously is !

repeated nonsense often enough then the “rat bag element”
will tend to believe it !

THE Tyrants Strategy“!

Scare! > threaten! “TAX the bastard”s & absurd extremist ideas !  
> in Any context !
THEN ultimatey back-pedal and compromise > 1/2 way . . . THEN ! They become a hero in the
minds of the ”gullible”

Bribe them with “freebie” hand-outs > That ‘s a bonus !. . . for them . . . the “scumbags”
> what a relief we R still here ! still alive > hopefully ! but just another statistic for Tax Purposes !

recirculate THE Money ! . . .   but upwards > to feed the “Fat Cats“ . . .
> the bureaucracy !
the unaccountable in fact ! > In reality the “drop-outs” > Now THE endemic unemployable !

Other ANSWERs ! . . .

  • Forced conscription to defend  THEIR  Country maybe with a bayonet up their arse as per the  ideology they wish for !  YOU’RE IN THE LUCKY COUNTRY
     . . . SO U Suffer !

But . . . . ‘re All Right Mate ! Life's GOOD  for US! True !  . . .
Then the REST must be in a REAL Mess !

  • Technology applied > honestly > timely
  • within 100 years compared to extreme of 60K years under aborigine culture > nothingness ! ?
     NOTHING RACIAL TO SEE HERE ! an infinite evolution of idea !
     . . .“horse & buggy” to Space Exploration >
  • THE PRIORITIES ARE JUST WRONG ! > Unquestionably wishful colonization . . . but HELLO !
    Who's there TO EXPLOIT !
    Earth-bound  plebs are left to suffer !
    despite the discrimination against  genetic engineering  of plant seeds > revolution in Agriculture dramatically feeding the masses thwarting anticipated mass starvation inevitable . . . maybe  eventually !
    Virtually absolutely > impossible under more realistic
      BUT CONTROLLED conditions
  • CO2 IS Beneficial to The Planet far outweighs ANY hypothetical postulated >. extrapolated !
    Computer Model guesses ( flawed often by false assumption) ( even from Our BOM who can hardly predict local short term weather, let-alone even look out the window to have any hope for decadal to century term predictions !
  • The real World Problem is equitable distribution of resources; finances, food, and indirectly population growth needs to be curb gradually NOT THOUGH ARBITRARY > CONTRIVED WARS OR SPREAD OF PANDEMICS “a la” the Wuhan flu”
  • exacerbated by often parasitic Tourist and unnecessary futile”ego trip”
  • The CO2 level increase which has been arguably substantial over the last 50-100years IS LARGELY
    a cause of population explosion > ameliorated by The Industrial Evolution
    and the timely ability and beneficial use of Fossil Fuels
  • NOT necessarily just in Western Countries but the likes of ( India 1.4 Billion
    and now the largest ) and China . . . IT’s NOW their turn > “at the trough” !
    but also emerging poverty stricken countries like Sth America, Africa, SE Asia etc
    ( Indonesia an ally ) ? now ! ?) where they still excrete, breath and still largely burn dung for basic energy needs
    -   a far greater particulate real Carbon pollution cause > health problems no longer confined to just isolated communities > but continents even !
  • Do the sums ! U‘r research !
  • It ‘s PROVEN   Population Growth is actually controlled by increasing standards of living

    Through colonization Empire Resources have been strictly controlled / monopolized preventing this
    over many Eras by mass exploitation thru various means like Slavery ! Contrived wars ( Opium and Salt
    ( & what for ? > to self-protect vested interest under pretenses of religion, Dictatorships, monarchies and such inherent trivialities
  • CO2 increase !
  • via the FOOD Chain and relatively non consequential cyclic effects such
    as Volcanoes
    > blame climate > El Nino, La Ninja etc
    but merely just an excuse > a label for Natural events > complex and explainable !
    but > largely uncontrollable ! > largely still unpredictable obviously being extrapolated thru’ scare
    methods to create economic WW Chaos where the various vested interests gain short term
  •  . . . the Earth the Universe may be doomed in trillions of years thru’ infinite expansion of
    “Black Holes" and that Entropy dissipates eventually into a postulated complete nothingness
    Yes without the mythology comforting delusion of religions Is IT really worth
    the loss of brain power worrying about these things completely out of ANY Human Control but enough to scare “the “Shit” out of the “witless” !
  • psychosis being instilled into everyones “doom & gloom” outlook !
    even to the trend to discredit science ( & technology out of need for ignorance > obvious despair of many!
  • The “CON” is that the deluded ignorant think it ‘s going to happen >  tomorrow !
    So ! . . .
     . . . get in for your chop NOW ! indirectly a cause for civil unrest, drugs, crime and distrust of the legal “system” and “politicians” in general
    a Chronic cause !  of  looming personal desperation, breakdown of Science > enhanced crime > atrocities > civil unrest > psychological problems being installed into younger generations > acceptance of the Welfare State and the hypocrisy of gender politics, ill-considered Immigration policies etc
    ALL directed > indirectly at ALLof US ! a ploy > a tactic that is working unfortunately for both us and for generations to come !
  • a consequence of reality and human frailty > ego power-seeking self-interests !
  • A “holistic” problem ! > NOT for ANY individual to come up with
    THE answer
  • but until everyone starts to realize > understand or even
    BE-A-WARE ! of This Paradigm shift
  • The Earth in ALL respects is merely a  self-controllable SINK
    for surplus CO2 via the Oceans from any cause man-made OR Natural
    AND long term
    . . .  it IS still in (the) balance  . . .  arguably !
    > it seems !
  • so far we’ve just avoided WW-111> and massive A-Bomb self-extermination
    The Chinese > Indians will rule the World in time ! > inevitable collectively
    > 1/3 of Worlds’ population.
    The USA / China > Russians etc realize the futility of War and the common sense of resorting to trade and pretense to ameliorate the differences and pathetic attempts to spread the wealth schemes
    like > the “Belt & Road”etc
  • The upstart countries are THE WORRY > Middle East > Iran > the Palestinians
    on religious pretexts
    > even the still non-consequential North Korea want their historical
    “moment in glory”
  • IT IS Their turn !
  • Long term and I mean a few thousand years . . . perhaps IT is !
    worth that long term consideration more R&D ! obviously
    > but proportionate to the hypothetical issues but the real financial consequences
    > poverty Financial melt downs > Global Depression(s) the resurgence of aggrieved minority groups etc
  • The USA alone in debt to ~34 ( >43)Trillion$ and on the verge of bankruptcy it would seem !
    Australia 1/5 population wise is still < 1 (>5 )Trillion$ almost proportionately as bad and probably needing another World Bank “bail-out” > impossible ! our  Standard & Poors Rating has and is going down . . . as is World credibility !
    And it’s Completely OUT OF CONTROL heading > proportionate bankruptcy
  • At least in the short term Our “Open Quarry” mentality is NOT Good !
    Our Small population > OK!
    > relatively huge resources
  • Aussie Gold Rush > “living off the sheeps" back
      > mineral boom ( coal, iron-ore, Natural Gas, Uranium etc )
    No wonder the “crap” of the World are fleeing from their “despots” control
    & are simply > too “gutless” and apathetic, “dumbed down” by the tyrants / fanatics in the  name of religion to accept . . .
    at ANY real cost ! . . . arguably done more harm than good to the enrichment
    of a few moguls“at theTop "self-appointed" > by GOD himself ! in whatever  carnation? ! a delusion of millenia !
  • WE also have the land, water, energy resource Iron, Copper etc, Uranium, Rare Earth potential, Energy > COAL unjustly discredited still by Australia STILL despite ANY Greenhouse Effects IF ANY are willing and hypocritically being exported to developing Unaccountable Countries like China !
  • other developing > undeveloped ( deliberately under-developed  Countries still burning “dung for their main Energy source just to keep alive > in many situations !
  • slave labor is still rampant in Africa China & elsewhere ! all just a copy of past Imperialism > over 1000s of year

    > SHAME  !
    But NOT the political imagination NOR the guts to self-build Australia Infra-structure etc Finance limited by THE City of London World Financial & current  centre
  • Why ? we have been literally crippled through mismanagement
  • and foreign control of most of these
  • NOW WE are intent selling-out to the Chinese
  • The scientific establishment in Australia has been blackmailed into virtual silence.
    The accepted status Quo dictated by Governments > Not to do anything really worthwhile ! against their charter “ !
  • The powers dictate what result / distortion they pre-approve

    OR Jobs are at stake ! defunded > "Cancelled" !
  • WHAT ! we are deliberately educating   potential immigrants with technology  fair enough but into semi-hostile Countries
  • again SAME > Education and Govt duplicity
  • developing Australia ???  .
    we still have the syndrome of WW2 defeatism and NOT further offering a potential target for the advancing “yellow hoard“
  • NOT TOO LATE perhaps? but not in the hands of seemedly insane politicians? miscellaneous bureaucrats still ! or maybe just plain stupid . . . OR Not !
    We ALL Suffer under so-called Democracy we deserve exactly what we get !
    > what we vote for or are “conned” into
  • Being the self-appointed Lucky Country we now suffer from the
    Tall Poppy Syndrome
    We are literally being “cut down” to size firstly up-front by CHINA but more subtly
     by the obviously corrupt UN
  • The Brits had their moment > Industrial Revolution etc to the point of devastation of their small Islands natural resources”
  • All > leading to their need / justification to try and colonize the WORLD
    North Sea Gas has peaked ! > like most of Euro resources
  • They went Nuclear ( France >70% ) like the rest of the World is going
  • ( ALL except for “pig-headed” Australia who still has completely banned
    even R&D discussion of ! )
  • We are gradually conceding we probably need Nuclear Industrialization via
    initially the desperate need for Nuclear Submarines and a naive attempt to thwart / boost our run-down Defences
  • The British colonized Australia as a convict settlement but under eventually
    they realized / conceded it was just another undeveloped aboriginal “rabble”
    > open for exploitation
    Understandably under similar hypocrisy the Chinese Now probably consider Australia to be equally inconsequential and an “open-go” !
  • Not thru’ invasion/ war necessarily . . . they are simply too smart obvious long term thinking and they have contrived to do this more subtly indirectly by stealth infiltration perhaps and buying up Australia ( lock stock & barrel ) . . . > like Bi
    wishful thinking and to the detriment of real WORLD Problems starved
    > but of in-adequate mis-directed funding >

    “Belt & Road” conceptually brilliant but all too easily exploited obviously by the current Chinese hierarchy
    More in the interest of current economic theory ( Control ) of  Supply & Demand !
    . . . comply or else !
  • I am not personally necessarily being judgmental !
  • Arguably some people I’d find it difficult to rationalize with and make worthy of such rights
  • WAKE-Up Australia ! . . . at least  BE-A-Ware  !
  • NOT so much the common Malthusian concept of Population ( Out Of )
    > Any decent manageable) Control perhaps a justification
    for “culling”. . .  but from the top-down
  • ? equally futile as the Vacuum created only would probably but attract the even more fanatical to fill the space
  • to be continued !   ? . . .
    But NOT the sort of mindless BLOG GOOGLE would necessarily accept Or condone !
    but  Be-A-Ware !the “IT Bots” & “AI”  is coming for ALL of US ! “

    George Orwell 1984
    IS HERE !
    ironically the novel is based here in Oceania maybe the Greenies !
    can actually read after all !

    their idea of THE IDEAL ! THE REALITY ! ?

Judth Curry > ClimateChange “perspective”
March 2023 Australian  ( buried in ! )
UNs climate panic is more politics than science”  PDF   PDF23
( > a good Intro to GW>CC debate  > read also the feedback attached for more perspective > often “divulges” more of THE detail often overlooked by authors > The Consensus )

IPPCs > downgraded . . . but STILL > Extreme projections !
> NOW estimated to cost Worlds Economy 7 to 10 Trillion $$$’s . . . by 2050 . . .  but like Dan Andrews’ “scammed”(?) Commonwealth Games “fiasco”
> belated hyperbolae probably
to blow-out by at least a factor of 2  to 3 by then !
Even IF there was any genuine Cause & Effect > Cost Benefit Analysis reality > “jobs for the boys” . . . now pre-contracted to Do No Work ! . . . “for Votes” ?

THAT Is absolutely  Non-Sustainable  by ANYONE ! . . .
> for what is most probably an unproven negliible consequence !

Key Players in the Skeptic
vs The Establishment
97% “Consensus” (>BS !)

Judith Curry   Video Judith Curry

a perspective of  political reasoning
of Climate Change
2023-1 38mi

 UN’s ( IPPC) climate “panic” is more politics than science > re Climate 001-048

"Relax, there is no climate emergency !"A “refreshing” true  scientist with “credentials with an “open-mind ‘& NOT just the usual “mind-numbing “true-believer” or skeptic / denier ?
Scientific Publications resigned from IPCC UN NASA etc and the 
“false pretences” of academia
 ! 2011. . . generally !. . .  and now disintegration of  Science integrity generally !
. . . slowly being usurped by political “expediences“

> Curries Website “CFAN”
just too “smart” to be CANCELLED by that “Twitter MOB !”

Judith Curry graduated cum laude from Northern Illinois University with
a Bachelor of Science degree in geography. She then earned a Ph.D. in geophysical sciences from the University of Chicago.  Her research interests include hurricanes, remote sensing, atmospheric modeling, polar climates,
air-sea interactions, climate models, and the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for atmospheric research. She was a member of the National Research Council's Climate Research Committee and has published over a hundred scientific papers and co-edited several major works in climate science.
Curry served on the NASA Advisory Council Earth Science Subcommittee whose mission was to provide advice and recommendations to NASA on
 issues of program priorities and policy. She was also a member of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Climate Working Group from 2004 to 2009, a member of the National Academies Space Studies Board from 2004 to 2007, and a member of the National Academies Climate Research Group from 2003 to 2006.
Dr. Curry retired from her university position in 2017, partly because of what she described as "anti-skeptic bias", which she attributed to the political nature of climate science, and that’s part of what she talks to Luis Razo about today
“ the very tricky relationship between science and politics

Data shows there’s no climate catastrophe looming “ climatologist
Dr J Christy debunks the narrative

John Christie Video John Christie
49min, 2022-12
Dr John Christy, distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science and Director of the Earth System Science Center
at the University of Alabama
in Huntsville, has been a compelling voice on the other side of the climate change debate for decades. Christy, a self-proclaimed climate nerd, developed an unwavering desire to understand weather and climate at the tender age of
10, and remains as devoted to understanding the climate system to this day.
By using data sets built from scratch, Christy, with other scientists including NASA scientist Roy Spencer, have been testing the theories generated by climate models to see how well they hold up to reality. Their findings?
On average,the latest models for the deep layer of the atmosphere are warming about twice too fast, presenting a deeply flawed and unrealistic representation of the actual climate. In this long-form interview, Christy “ who receives no funding from the fossil fuel industry“ provides data-substantiated clarity on a host of issues, further refuting the climate crisis narrative.

WRI WorldResourcesInstitute>Climate

Patrick Moore
Video Patrick Moore
former activist, an early member and past president (?) of Greenpeace Canada. Since leaving Greenpeace in 1986,[2] Moore has criticized the environmental movement for what he sees as “scare” tactics and disinformation.

Roy Spencer Video Roy Spencer > a bit of satellite Science > a critique
> 0.18degC/dec ( x0.13 X ) but 1/3to1/4 of Gore/Flannerys / IPPC extremists “scare” models
 . . . since renegged down to +3-4degC by 2100 ?
> VERY interesting ! > but Still controversial website
. . .  meteorologist, a principal research scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and the U.S. Science Team leader for the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer on NASA's Aqua satellite. He has served as senior scientist for climate studies at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

RoySpencer IPPC Bunder RSB-A

RoySpencer THE GREAT GLOBALWARMING Blunder 62p -176pBOOK2011

Bjorn Lomborg Video Bjorn Lomborg The Cost of Climate Alarmism
Danish author and the president of the think tank Copenhagen Consensus Center
 . . . the former director of the Danish government's Environmental Assessment Institute (EAI) in Copenhagen. . . . internationally known for his best-selling controversial book 
The Skeptical Environmentalist (2001)

Ian Plimer  Video Ian Plimer a Geologist's View of Climate Change at Heartland Institute Climate Conference, 2023
a geologist and emeritus professor at the University of Melbourne, delivers a presentation titled
"The Past is the Key to the Present." He starts by noting that "you will not find any people in my profession who would claim that humans can change a major planetary system." Then he goes through the fundamentals of the causes of climate change that you can see from the history of the planet. In the end, Dr. Plimer shows that planetary cycles going back to the end of the Pleistocene glaciation nearly 15,000 years ago show that we are due for another long-term
cooling trend, not global warming.

see  Climate Change PIC Gallery > via the courtesy of  

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Some OEM Products are “obsolete or  have been “ Archived “
Manual PDFs are still available !   for reference ONLY >  but ASK !
as we may have other ALTs to offer /

just part of MY “Consensus”: 30Jul23 QUORA Q&A 10p PDF

Al Gore


Tim Flannery


Michael Mann




all too


WW Governments, Big Business > the “Media” generally; Energy
( Coal ) & Oil Companies
> 60+year vendetta against Nuclear Energy !
- Now almost (virtually”) perfected ( IF>When required !) &> ( with possibility > probably of LFTR
( &Nuclear )
or it’s derivatives ! vs Atomic Bomb
non-proliferation “idealogy” > / “dogmatism” !
> enlightenment & ”pragmatism” ?)

Michael Mann of Hockey Stick “FAME”

a compedium“ of Books > FOR 
> But largely Now in dispute > contested ?
> but HE lost in COURT !

above > a collection “at random” as an INTRO to the
Climate Change DEBATE
-Trillion $ “HOAX” !
WW > & THEIR 2100 DOOM !

see IPPC Reports > Kyoto Protocol and > its’Revisions
& note the “backpedalling” of Gore, Flannery, Mann etc and “pseudo” scientists > THE Media ( 2023 ! )
“belatedly” as one realises the enormous COSTs involved !

there needs to be “accountability” rather than THE current CANCEL “Culture” !

“Climate Change re-considered” > Heartland Institute NIPPC>
Idso Rob Carter., FredSinger S.F. 2013 1000p 39mBook 
& far too big for the “nerd” consensus> FlipHTML5 FlipHTML5-180

> without too much bias / prejudice . . . in a “free” World !

Can a Corporation (UN>IPPC be INSANE ? a la “Who Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest“
( Anthony Hopkins 1975 ? ) read the report ! IPPC > rebuttal NIPCC !
can such “insanity” be Copyright ! . . .?

> out of context based on to many false assumptions
NOW IPPC State Warming IS 90% Anthropogenic
ALL computer models ignore the man GH Gas WaterVapor via Clouds etc

FAR TOO COMPLICATED !  >. . . a justificaton for Quantum Computers ?
 ( > & potentially far beyond just adding up Your grocery bills ! )

> And completely ignore the benefits of CO2 “Greening” the Planet

NUCLEAR Energy introduced “progessivley” to help curb ALL emissions including POLLUTANTS

BUT IF As required !  ONLY after PROOF & evidence of
extreme / abnormal GlobalWarming via Satellite Data etc
AND Observation > re Poverty, Crop Growth & re-Global re-afforestation
computer modelling ONLY > historical modelling irrelevant
> far too many factors are involved
THe EARTH Is NOT a controllable closed Greenhouse
> BUT Dynamic NON-equilibrium largely “chaotic” System !

thru’ “CAUSE & EFFECT ! and worth ALL“Due Diligencs” !

> The “true” basis for Scientific  Principles !
What is THE meaning (rationale) of “average” Global Temperature
& measurements in the normal context

“cherry picking” data ignoring concrete (CITY) HotSpots > re siting of monitoring stations major heat circulation via Ocean Currents
Melting of Arctic Ice > beneficial controversy & led to centuries of exploration
> North West Passage > World Trade > to “save The polar bears”
 ( actually they are increasing ! )

Land vs Sea
Northern vs Southern Hemispheres
Arctic vs Antarctic Ice > & tend to offset each other > re “orbital effects ?”
sea rise vs normal tidal variations
A “major” Heat Transfer is via (PDO)Pacific
(Ocean) Decadal Oscillation
El Nino, La Ninja ( & somewhat cyclic ), Atlantic Gulf Stream l & OTHER similar Ocean circulation effects including DeepSea Ocean “Uplifting” associated with undersea Volcanic
and even Tectonic plate shifts > Tsunamis )

“Everyone” would agree the “causes” are completely UNKNOWN !
Certainly far beyond ANY modelling and reason to
PAUSE “Catastrophe speculation”

ONLY Global Satelite Observation can hope “Cause & Effect” necessary
further R&D to try offset the huge cost of premature”panic”. . . to “possibilities”
with need for population shift & “remediation” IF ! AS Necessary !

> accept the Cost Benefits re “Global Greening” etc

There Is simply NOT enough Oil / Gas / “Tundra Methane”? )
 to EVER reach 1000ppM
which is certainly sustainable to Life
IS Polar Ice Melting in fact a problem or a benefit ( Re Arctic Trade etc )
 . . .  apart from a few “polar bears” . . . perhaps ?

( human & otherewise ! ) BUT Implement “appropriate measures
in the meantime !

Nuclear & High Temperatures ( >900degC ) can convert CO2
> petroleum with H2 from desalination > economically !
> side benefits of Nuclear > radioisotopes for advance Biomedical Use !
> “economical” High Temperature Technology > DeSAL etc
Catalyst CO2 Conversion 
> Even limestone > CO2 > Cement > petroChems  .
IGNORED > Land Use required for sufficient Wind Power
“Pollutants” re disposal of Wind-Turbines and batteries
( > lifetime ONLY of 20-30years MAX )

Actual Cost of Energy required to make > ”THE Renewables“
Premature blowing up of Coal / Gas Generators
ALL good for CHINESE Manufacture > Economy !

GET THE Politicians /”bureaucrats” AWAY from
Science & Technology

OR just a bit of IQ > “common sense”
FAR Too MUCH AI stuff !

re CLIMATE 2023 < The “proposed” WRI“Initiatives” are Very GOOD !
IF introduced “intelligently” ! NOT thru’ “Scare” campaigns by THE IPPC

WRI WorldResourcesInstitute-1
WRI WorldResourcesInstitute-2

Global Warming > Climage Change is Himghly speculative STILL !COST IS REAL at multi Trillions$’s over > 2050 > 2100 passed on to future  “generations” ! thru’ Hyper-Inflation

Proposed ! > many Are obviously STILL less or even
NON-viable!  with current technology also glaring omissions !

WRI ? What’s Happened to Nuclear Energy ? 
(IF / when / AS  needed > to be phased in Anyway ! )
virtually perfected with LFTR !
CO2 the Gas of Life > observed “Greening” of the planet
> beneficial effects of CO2 ( < ~150ppM ALL life DIES ! )

where’s U’r modelling of GH Water Vapor ! > TOO HARD ?
YOUR “Facts” are construed AT BEST ! > Alarmism > extremes !

see PIC Gallery > via the “courtesy” of ”Our” GOOGLE SEARCH  PICs

> excerpts . . . Only ! > scope of some WRI projects > agenda & Brillliant
> “ambitious” >”inspirational”  ! 
WakeUP UN !get rid of your bureaucrats & Non-practical “Uni academics” !

Never-the-less Technologically VERY INTERESTING except for some more extreme Oversights > “hyperbolae” & U’r need for careful interpretation !
> evaluation !

admirable Even ! . . . on a much broader scope
WW > perspective

& on more WORLDLY “practical” “Solutions“
but for WRIs scope to actually have
ANY real IMPACT ???

GOOD LUCK ! against THE “vested interests”

But U wouldn’t leave this “agenda” up to the
United Nations EITHER !

> Corrupt as they might be & obviously “hijacked” by “despot” regimes  . . .
> by their own rules > vetos, embargos etc & general lack of any “guts”
 > bureaucracy “gone mad !” > Restructure ! ?

ALL My Opinions ONLY > with ALL DUE Respect !

> 2023 post Pandemic scare is over at last ! Only “d..k-h..d” DAN
still remains Here !  > the untouchable ! and now being emulated by “Albo” A
and his “cohorts !”
Just one Answer !

An IQ test to certify all politicians before nomination worthy of an honest Referendum !> more honest politics !

by definition Ref is a “CON” largely pre-decided and framed by the
nature of “The Question”
but the details NOT Disclosed to the “dumb” > once implemented >
“and can never be changed”

> an “Oxymoron” ?

The US System ? NO ! definitely NOT from recent experience
 . . . staffed by “crooks” > senile “puppets” . . . at best > with their
“finger on-the-button” !

A Question re The Liberals ! for a Referundum

Should there be an
1   IQ test as a pre-requisite for Parliament > Public Office !
2 Any sort of “reasonable” qualification for politicians  .  .  . “apart from money”
but then The Judiciary” is  The Problem” !
3.  Like “criminals” should they be  “accountable”  > penalised for misconduct or incompetence and All associate
to forfeit proven ill-gotten” gains thru” corruption  AND of all subsequent benefits >“perks”  > family “cohorts”

Do they really want to contest . . . to inherit the obsolete mess being LEFT ( deliberately) by Labor And throughout Australia > NO ! VICTORIA in Particular ! . . . heading FAST towards “Communism” >< “Fascism” . . . whatever ! . . . forever a failed “system”
> another “tribute” State of China

Ho Hum  what more !      Hhhmmmmm!

& I agree > BORING ! that’s how they get away with it ALL !

By diversion ! . . . scare-mongering !

be honest ! > dumbing down OR outright Govt-backed electoral fraud > buying
of votes but then we're only copying our mentors the USA / UK and the EURO “rabble” !

but see elsewhere
Seems the likes of  GOOGLE etc  can't apparently even be bothered
with even reading it ! > let alone understand any of the implications of  their exploitation strategies
( Spy-ware r > just devious marketing etc )

> CANCELLED ! > their algorithms just r stuck up their a.s. !

Even the 97% consensus . . . and the  IPCC  has  reneged
> and back-pedaled Global Warming > now redefined as "Climate Change”

remember ! > the Experts Al Gore > Tim Flannery > “whiz kid “ > Greta Thunberg has even done a back-flip now she’s merged out of the “teens dark era” ! . . . the consensus back then (re70s ) now > 97% . . . < of what !

then it was a pending “mini Ice AGE” ! > Global Starvation > need to “cull” population growth
Extreme rising sea levels and mass migration from exploited flood zones etc
> Peak Oil

There is “simply” NO Energy Crisis in the for-seeable future !

“Green” H2 Energy > a worthy cause once justified > proportionately
( but still needs Nuclear Energy for economic viability )

ALL Rubbish ! >>> enormous extrapolated WW Costs
. . . unless curbed into some sense of reality !
. . . into perspective !0
. . . Blah Blah !

ALL largely disproven . . .by Reality over > last 40 years

CAUSE & EFFECT ! Global Economics evolved from  now discredited “Keynesian” theory etc > financial crises engineered by unaccountable financial gurus !

Govts > the Establishment create chaos > pseudo Science
to cover for ineptitude generally financial exploitation   Control demand cause hyper-inflation  simply to cover up the massive ”debt economics !”
> inflation a “cure-all” for incompetence > mismanagement of the economy > associatad “bribary” of all-too-complacent “greedy”,
“gullible” voters . . . all too ready to “rort” an inherently “corrupt system” !

The SHIT ! > the scum ! tends to float to the top !
They set the example which we all then tend to “emulate” !
> the “rot” has Set IN ! . . . TOO Late ?
all in favor of the “clique” > “jobs for the boys” !

some References Talking Points
. . . but U  pull your finger Out do YOUR Own Research
the media eg  THE ABC  for example  NO !
we ( us Scientists ) call it Due Diligence

Theory OK ? . . . initially !   >>> then open discussion ! > proof > disproof !
and hopefully > evolution thru‘ advances in technology

This is despite efforts to control ( thru’ ”BS” Power) the masses !
 . . . & the more gullible !

through > ignorance > superstition ( Religion ) and simply greed of the misguided Powers that be !

AND It has been going on over Millenia !
Historic exploitation of the masses; > inequitable distribution of technologically created Wealth

The undeveloped Countries under sufferance are now emerging
> becoming more aware . . . NOT over centuries as previously . . .

But at the speed of light VIA THE INTERNET and can NOT be treated
 simply like mushrooms anymore !
. . . they are awakening !
to the “rorts" > 95% of WW wealth is controlled by 5% of the lucky ones >
 the criminals > the Mafia, “druggies” and hereditary rights > “Monarchies” included,the often self-appointed” > hypocrits . . . that often they ARE ! > vested interests > ego-seeking !

some perspective

*  Judith Curry
Bjorn Lomberg
Rob Carter(Aus), Craig Idso, Fred Singer > NIPPC
( all “lampooned” in their time )
Ian Plimer ( Sth Aust geo-scientist)
High Tech >
* John Christie
Patrick Moore ex CEO(?) Greepeace > now a disillusioned “Greenie”:
Roy Spencer ( NASA etc.HighTech >Satellite & 20-30years of data) > reality
 . . . in time !
, the  failed UN generally
the likes of * Michael MANN ( creator of the “Hockey Stick” theory > “pseudo” science
the “scammed” 97% consensus !

* Al Gore  > he's dated made his millions So Now out of it IT ! . . . it seems !
* Tim Flannery  gone quiet ! > completely disproven in Australia
but he‘s got his “gong” Australian of the year (OBE etc)
* “BS” artists > non scientists ! > “flim flam” men !

> needs more comprehensive  non “cherry-picked’ Hall-of-Fame

After thought ! Interesting to weigh up such a historical“HIT-LIst”

the WW media news by scare campaigns > ignorance
The  Education System  (in Australia but generally) being dominated by
woke” > gender > “money grubbing” from “migrated” students > China, India
to the neglect of Aussies and workplace training
and what amounts largely to the de-industrialization > the doom of many Western civilizations > Empires eventually Australia is being exploited short term into just another “open quarry” to feed either failed
or failing economies elsewhere or to the “emerging” populous “under-developed” Nations of India > China > Sth America, SE Asia >>>Africa eventually ~
( but being copy-colonized by China’s “Belt & Road“
concept being popularized initially . . . in recent times by Lindon La Rouche
a VP of THE USA back in the 70/80s, but now WW, Sth America, Africa, Pacific > Polynesia etc  certainly !

WRI WorldResourcesInstituteIPCC Findings

10 Big Findings from the 2023 IPCC Report on Climate Change ! PDF PDF23
but BE-A-WARE ! > CANCEL “ideology !”

WRI Seems to be some sort of THINK TANK > ALL sorts of “hypothetical” Answers to THE “Supposed Global Warming > “scare” > much of it pseudo
Or even “fake science” obviously tuned to Governments and University-type hypothetic funding “hopes” . . . a la “Biden” etc > politics etc ?

BUT enough to “scare the shit” out of the media and the more gullible !
> into schemes like the Andrew Forrest / Fottescue Green Hydrogen, banning cow “farts” and “DanAs” Cancel of domestic Gas services in Victoria
and banning of Gas Exploration . . . on land and sea !
All Crazy Stuff !

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